Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System (HMS) is primarily meant to improve the services, efficiency and quality of healthcare to the respective patients. HMS software helps in optimizing and enhancing the quality as well as effectiveness of general and Clinical management of a hospital. Several key data are retrieved instantly, which help the consultant doctors to manage their patients in much better way as they can see results based on various tests from Laboratories & Radiology. Proper drugs can be managed with contra indications are displayed to doctors based on Patients’ history. 
HMS has been developed on a basic concept, which has features as listed below to address the needs of a modern hospital.

  • A Unique Indoor and outdoor patient number which shall be used to tracking of the cases.
  • Scheduled automated data replication over LAN for day-end data synchronization
  • Workflow management for easy patient tracking.
  • Superior GUI to make data collection easy for the consulting doctors/ transcriptionists.
  • Search on patient records by patient name, patient ID, etc.
  • Ability to access Patient Administration system for user defined data items.
  • Ability to include notification of patient's pending arrival, current status, etc.
  • Ability to record admissions, discharge and transfers at the wards to update the bed census.
  • Provision for giving discounts for services subject to authorization.
  • Current bed allocation status overview
  • Daily, weekly, quarterly and monthly different types of statements.