School Management System

SMS is based on client-server technology; the application is to be installed at the server machine which can be accessed through any connected client machines. SMS1.0 is capable to run on cross platform network. It can be accessed through any system on Local Area Network. While the system is able to run on various client machines at a time, all school data are stored on the centralized database on the server.

Features of SMS1.0:
      Seven different modules provided.

          1.  Student Management
          2.  Fees Management
          3.  CCE Result/M.P. Board Result
          4.  Library Management
          5.  Staff Management
          6.  Payroll Management
          7.  Partial Accounting

In result, only subject teacher is authorized to enter and change marks of the students in class he/she is teaching. Other teacher can only see the marks of students.