Logo Design

We design logo as the foundation of your brand. It will be displayed in almost all contact points and it should build trust and memorable to your audience. We need to create one symbol, word or graphic that represents the entirety of your business, because a well designed logo can take your company to the next level.

Designing an effective logo requires more than graphical skills – you need to understand the brand, its customers, competitors and the message you want to convey through the logo. We design a professional logo, which one is unique, memorable, flexible, illustrative, simple, informative and lasting.

As part of the logo design process, we also develop powerful taglines that go well with the positioning of the brand. We can come up with the most engaging logo and tagline ideas that help your company stand out in the market.

Take any successful brands such as Nike, McDonalds and OLX, people around the world know these brands by their impressive and imaginative logos. Logo is simply an image, accompanied with text, but is an impact of a good branding. It’s a 24*7 active visual advertisement that promotes your business, even when you are not actively aware about it.

Once we are fully cleared on the requirement, team starts developing fully designed mock-ups. We show mock-ups to client and expect active participation in the logo design process and provide constructive feedback on each design option. We get back to the team to rework on the designs based on the feedback.