Payment Gateway Implementation

Payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes payments from credit card, debit card and internet banking. Payment gateway is usually a third-party service that is actually an online software program which process, verify, and accept or decline payment transactions through secure Internet connection. A payment gateway facilitates the transfer of information between a payment portal such as a website and the Front End Processor or acquiring bank.

Payment gateways encrypt the sensitive information of transaction, to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer and the merchant. There are several good payments gateways available in India with the leading payment gateway providers to give the best TDR rates to its clients and proudly provided solutions to many online ecommerce website in India and abroad.

The process of payment gateway integration requires some effort. It means that a user may require a little more disk space and bandwidth. Check all the requirements of the software to ensure that your present hosting package can handle the development in technical requirements. Ensure that the payment gateway you are using, allows similar languages as the rest of the web pages so that they can go well together.

We integrate payment gateway on your portal for the building new relation between your company and your audience. We analysis all your needs and current development of your portal and then our team consolidate your portal and payment gateway to start an economic communication between your company and your customer.